Submission guidelines

The Manila Magnolia accepts submissions solely by email to We accept seven genres under two categories - for visual media: illustration (including digital illustration), paintings, and photography; for literature: poetry (all genres except lightverse), translation, flash fiction, and essay. In your subject line, please title your email as “SURNAME, First name; submission for [genre]”. The following additional information should also be included in your email: your current academic institution and major (if you are a student) or your occupation, and the number of submissions you are presenting for consideration. You are eligible to submit if you are at least 18 years old; there is no education requirement for submissions.

Each piece you submit for consideration should be a separate pdf with the title “SURNAME, first name; title of work.” Your work should be formatted in Times New Roman, Font size 12. There is no minimum number of submissions for any of our seven genres, but no piece of work can exceed 1,300 words. Though it should go without saying, we would like to iterate that all works must be original in order to be eligible for submission.

For those submitting translation pieces, you must first obtain permission from the original author to publish their work in our magazine. Kindly submit both the piece in its original language as well as your translation, and specify in your email which language you are translating from.

For those submitting pieces in photography, we kindly ask that you also provide a title and short description for each photo.

The Manila Magnolia acquires first serial rights and non-exclusive reprint rights, meaning that all authors can reprint their work as they’d like after it’s appeared in the magazine.

Because our staff is composed entirely of volunteers, we are unable to compensate contributors for their work.

Submission deadlines

For the spring issue, all works must be submitted by March 14; for the winter issue, the deadline is September 14.

Expect to hear back from us within 2-8 weeks. If your work is accepted for publication at another review, journal, or magazine, you should inform us immediately so as to withdraw your submission.

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